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Title Search & Review, Closing Services & Document Preparation in Marianna, FL

At Oceanside Title, Inc. in Marianna, FL, we make closing a breeze. For 30 years we have been providing knowledgeable, trustworthy title services to realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers. We have an on-staff attorney which allows us to be able to perform more business transactions and provide solutions for title issues. We have a small staff, so we are all always in the loop and up-to-date on the latest requirements. Through our belief in integrity, trustworthiness, friendliness, knowledge, experience, effective communication, and a “make it happen” attitude, we work to make sure our services will result in an outcome that is satisfactory for all involved.

Our Staff Provides:

Title Search & Review

Our team will find and investigate all of the documents and records involved in your piece of property to determine ownership and claims, including liens, encumbrances, judgments, etc. It’s important to know this information because if outstanding issues aren’t cleared up, this can affect closing settlements. It is our job to ensure the seller can sell and the buyer is gaining all of the rights to the property he or she deserves.

Title Insurance

Title insurance gives homeowners protection from loss due to faults in the property’s title. There are several unforeseen factors that could affect a title and pose a risk to unprotected homeowners, such as a lien or right to possess property, statutes, wills, forgeries, someone falsely impersonating the property’s previous owner, etc. Buying a property is a large investment and it is our job to ensure the buyer receives marketable and secure title to their dream home.

Escrow & Closing Services

Because of our excellent communication between consumers and realtors, we have a successful track record in smooth closing and escrow processes. We help create solid contracts and keep track of costs, among other services to ensure that all involved receive fair deals.

Mobile Notary/Courtesy Closings

When a party involved in a transaction isn’t able to be physically present we arrange for a Mobile Notary. For example, sometimes a person selling a home doesn’t live in the area. In this case, we would send all of the required documents out to a reliable notary in the area of the person who can’t be present, to be signed and sent back to us so we can complete the closing.
At other times our office serves as a Courtesy Closing office for other title companies whose customers live in our area and need a secure, knowledgeable notary closing.

SBA Loan Closings

The U.S. Small Business Association sometimes gives out loans to those who want to start or expand a small business. We have over 25 years of experience closing SBA loans for businesses such as child care centers, restaurants, dry cleaners and more. Having an attorney on staff helps to insure that all documents are prepared and properly executed for these important business transactions.

Commercial Closings

In addition to residential real estate, we also have experience with commercial real estate and can assist in ensuring successful closing deals for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, small businesses and more. We have worked closely with Realtor offices specializing in commercial closings for child daycare for over 27 years.

Mobile Home Title Transfers

If you need to transfer ownership of your mobile home, we can assist you. Mobile home titles require some extra documentation different than titles for stationary homes. We make sure we have all of the materials you need, including all of the documentation, to have a successful transfer. We work diligently to make sure that all prior liens are released and title is transferred properly to the new owner.

Additional Services Provided by Attorney:

Our attorney, Martha E. Eskuchen, has years of experience in real estate law as a sole practitioner and as head of Oceanside Title, Inc. She can help take steps to clear title issues through probate or quiet title proceedings.

Document Preparation with Attorney Oversight

Real Estate Contracts
PMM (Purchase and Private Money Mortgage) Note & Mortgage
CFD (Contract for Deed)
Business Transfers
1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges with Oceanside Title, Inc. as Qualified Intermediary
Quiet Title Actions and Probate matters to cure title for clear closing

At Oceanside Title, Inc., we truly care about our customers. For questions regarding any of our services, or to set up an appointment with our staff, call us today at 850-526-1005 or fill out the contact form below.